High-End COB LED Light Sources for Commercial Lighting

ShenZhen XUANCAI Electronics Co.,Ltd

ShenZhen XUANCAI Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, headquartered in ShenZhen, China, with more than 10 years’ experience in packaging high-end LEDs.
XUANCAI Company specializes in high-end COB LED light sources for commercial lighting, providing a range of lighting solutions for commercial lighting applications. In the field of high-end commercial lighting, good lighting products contribute to a better presentation of goods. Compared with the previous light source, it can realize a vivid, high-bright light which can express the fine texture of the object and leave a deep impression on people. Based on the new saturation index as the basis for color saturation, we have realized superior color rendering in the visible light field. According to the purpose and application of the customer, the most appropriate light is selected, the color performance is more abundant, and the value of the product is enhanced.
With the popularity of LEDs, as the pursuit of brightness and light efficiency, the quality of light has become increasingly diverse. XUANCAI Company has high standards for the quality of light, pursues a more beautiful, rich, and comfortable light product ranges, develops high-color MOON series, high-efficiency NOVA series, uses high-density LED packaging technology, and uses high- density light to performance more stronger visual effect
, the chromaticity is more vivid than the original color, and it is suitable for store lighting, art galleries, studios, etc. As an LED COB dedication, XUANCAI is guided by the needs of customers, and focused on pursuing the quality of light. It also illuminates the space and the products to enhance the value of lighting and create a new value of light.

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